Winner Residential Interior Apartment for Turks & Caicos 2022-2023

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The Caribbean Property Awards is a prestigious event organized by the International Property Awards, which recognizes and celebrates excellence in the real estate industry across the Caribbean region. These awards acknowledge outstanding achievements in various categories, including property development, architecture, interior design, and real estate marketing.

The Caribbean Property Awards provide a platform for developers, architects, interior designers, and real estate professionals to showcase their projects and expertise, gaining recognition on a global scale. Entries are judged by an independent panel of industry experts, who assess each project based on criteria such as design, innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Winning a Caribbean Property Award is a significant achievement that highlights excellence and innovation within the region’s real estate sector. It serves as a mark of distinction for the recipients, reinforcing their reputation for excellence and providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Additionally, the awards ceremony provides an opportunity for networking and collaboration among industry professionals, fostering further growth and development within the Caribbean real estate community.

Imagine the most spectacular of turquoise waters with the sunlight dancing off the tops of the waves settling onto the most beautiful white sand beach being your personal view.  This is The Somerset Penthouse in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

This penthouse was purchased by a lovely couple from Boston who appreciated the traditional architecture of the Resort but wanted a more modern feel and ambiance in their living space.

Finishing Touch worked up a brief and scope of works with the clients and focused on their preferences in style and color palette whilst keeping true to their minimalist approach to their surroundings.

With such a large square footage over two stories comprising 5 bedrooms, a 2 storied living area, dining and kitchen plus a wide deck with amenities, the logical place to start was at the entrance.  This structure had an old fashioned black wrought iron curved staircase with a bump out at the base restricting traffic flow leading from the main floor to the second floor gallery again covered in black wrought iron.

By introducing a stone veneer stair wall coupled with glass railings with silver fixings flowing down a straight staircase these improvements entered the main foyer where dated round white columns were completely removed as non structural and squared off overhead opening up the space from entry through the living space out onto the patio area showcasing the brilliant waters beyond.

finishing touch redesign of foyer

Glass railings interspersed along the gallery walkway provides a clear view of the foyer and facing to the north over the living space to the ocean.  Keeping all facets bright, light and airy while still working with the traditional feel of the building overall.

The lighting elements were vital to provide the right illumination to highlight the client’s taste in comfortable furniture and style along with custom built-ins showcasing their personal pieces and merging the quiet blues and greys with a pop of fuchsia themed through local bougainvillea and commissioned artwork.

Kitchen design elements were brought together with the Finishing Touch team of interior architect/designers to provide for even the smallest detail for the client requirements and so much more.

Developing a spacious and varied seating area was of great importance to the owners as with the crystal clear waters and white sands drawing clients and guests alike it was imperative that comfortable and colorful relaxation and dining areas were achieved.   Ocean colored fabrics with pops of color and solar shading with new patio doors provided the final elements needed.

The Challenge

Partway into this amazing transformation came the devastating news that mold was discovered in most of the rooms behind existing drywall.  Known for our hurricanes it seemed that time and water damage had conspired to allow mold to eat into the drywall, metal struts and even into the wood behind the walls.  Once discovered it was imperative to have this removed including all affected drywall and insulation plus rusted struts and damaged wood and replace all with new after eliminating all mold and treating surrounding areas to prevent any further mold from occurring.  Unfortunately this meant that all the ornate wooden baseboards were affected and had to be disposed of.  To replicate those baseboards was not only cost prohibitive but also had a huge time delay attached.  After coming up with a plan to modernize the baseboards and paint them out in white or grey to match the newly painted upper molding and trim a higher than normal flat baseboard was installed.  This not only created a more modern and sleeker look but will also provide ease of access in future if ever needed to be removed or adjusted in any way.   Although the mold removal treatment added a number of months onto the timeline of the project it achieved a desired effect that was unplanned.

Custom Vanities

All the bathrooms in the penthouse had to be upgraded and custom vanities were designed and created with the needs of the owners in mind and also had to relate to the original travertine floors that were to remain as a nod to the more traditional aspects of The Somerset.

Custom Wall Units

somerset penthouse custom wall unit

Designed and built on island these one of a kind wall units gave media and audio devices a wire free home plus showcased accessories including our local famous coral conch shells.

Window Treatments

Dressing the windows of this spectacular penthouse gave way to blackout draperies which were artwork unto themselves.   Functional and practical but stunningly beautiful all the various window treatments from blinds to drapes to water resistant mesh fabrics provided color and complemented the rooms they adorned.


The entire process took over 24 months including extra works to deal with the mold issues and also flooring difficulties.  The original travertine tiles did not escape the water damage from hurricanes recent and past and we were challenged with taking up whole floors and re-laying  tiles keeping the same look and feel by interspersing new tiles with taken-up old tiles to provide an agreeable pattern and color tone.

Finishing Touch was delighted to work with the owners who by their commitment and patience and not allowing delays to change their vision have now achieved one of the most beautiful and premier properties in the Resort and elsewhere.

This penthouse enjoyed by its owners is also available for rentals and all fabrics and furnishings have been installed with that caveat in mind.  Guests have already enjoyed the luxury and comfort of this lovely property and will for many years to come.