Design Ideas using local artists/craftsmen for your villa.

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Finishing Touch joins you with local artists to create unique interior design ideas.

custom cabinetry provided by Finishing Touch Fine Furnishings

Finishing Touch enjoys a unique appreciation for creating interior design ideas accentuated by artisans based in the Turks & Caicos islands.  Therefore, we build many of the talented pieces using these local craftsmen into your furnishing packages.  Living and working in the Turks & Caicos allows Finishing Touch  to develop a close network with artists. As a result, this supports our efforts to bring a unique TCI story to your villa, resort condo or home.

hand painted decolage around existing window a fantastic design idea

Incredible faux finishes adorn walls, moldings, and even ceilings giving an amazing design effect complementing your room. Wall murals in lofts make a special area even more engaging without loosing valuable space.

Providenciales is home to many artists and craftsmen who engage with you, the owner, and Finishing Touch. This allows you to develop an interior design look that can be classically caribbean.


Every design tells a story

Artistic flare is a must for our clients.  Finishing Touch conceived personalized room signs portrayinghand painted room a unique design idea local flora for a unique way to distinguish private rooms.  Often you can meet the artists and gain insight into the artwork to tell an amazing story to guests or renters.

Finishing Touch also enjoys working with a number of hand picked carpenters specializing in custom cabinetry.  As a result, special mixes in stains and finishes provide a custom piece with  traditional as well as modern results.  Consider the benefits when maintenance or restoration is needed. We can often bring in the original carpenter or craftsman, who will have intimate knowledge of the piece.

Sculpted local wood pieces provide a true reflection of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of our local artisans in the family islands.  All the artists and craftsmen take special pride in their work. Knowing it will be introducing visitors to the islands, or welcoming owners back home.  Bringing a part of the Turks & Caicos into your home makes it even more special.

design ideas for small spaces

Custom furniture from dining tables to murphy beds are created to meet your every need. This gives you that subtle difference you desire and one of a kind furnishings.  Taking a small room and turning it into a memorable hideaway.

Finishing Touch Interior Design New BuildDesign your dream kitchen with custom cabinetry like above.  Finishing Touch works with architects and woodworkers to ensure that the appliances and interior design works with the vision of the owner.  Find out more, contact us today